KENDRA here.


What a day.

Everything was absolutely incredible and I am just over the moon! There were so many people that I wanted to thank after Shea gave his speech of gratefulness before dinner but I was feeling so overwhelmed with emotion and excitement that I didn’t feel prepared to thoroughly express my gratitude towards everyone who made that day a dream come true.

So, without further ado:


Thank you to my SHEA, who was crazy enough to entertain (and execute!) all of my DIY ideas for our homemade handcrafted wedding. From the hours spent stencil-cutting each invite to the assembly line of packaging the mix CDs...from throwing, glazing, and planting each of the 75 ceramic centerpieces to making heaps of homemade strawberry jam with balsamic vinegar and black pepper in the early morning hours before work. I know my creative projects can be a little intense but I loved seeing our joint personal touch on everything. It truly made the day extra special. Oh yeah, and muchas gracias for eating at 10 different taquerias/trucks scattered across SLO Country to find to find the best tacos in town (Chapala's for the win!). I love you so much. You are the best partner ever.


HUGE thank you to GLAUREN and GOUP who graciously allowed us to get married on their epic ranch. They both worked their butts off to get the grounds in tip top shape for the big day. They are two of the hardest working women I know that pour every ounce of their being into any project they tackle. Shea and I had wanted a “backyard” wedding and the ranch over delivered in the most stunning way possible!


Thank you to my DADDY-O for his overly generous financial support of the entire event; this day wouldn’t have been possible without his heart of gold and his funny jokes! Thank you to my MAMA for my gorgeous wedding dress and for making 300 (yes, 300) homemade Mexican wedding cake cookies - my absolute favorite powdered sugary treat from my childhood! Thank you to my brudder 
RORY for making the wonderful wooden arch for our ceremony.

Thank you to all of our friends who volunteered over many weekends to help us prep the property grounds and barn,
and even helping us clean our house the weekend prior to the wedding. Y’all are rockstars and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to all my baby girls for making this day the most special:  AUDILANAJESSIECOOKIEALISONLAETITIAJULIEBETSI, & SAGIE!

. . . and super thanks to all the best men, you are one radical bunch:  ARLONICKSEANKYLEAUGUSTCHRISRORY, & SPENCER!

All aboard the Thank You Train . . . thanks to:

AUDRIA for always enriching our souls and being our officiant! You were amazing at guiding us through our vow writing and the flow of our ceremony.

ERIN for being a badass, hyper-organized, super communicative wedding coordinator during the rehearsal and the real deal day. Everything was executed flawlessly.

JACLYN of Jaclyn K. Nesbitt Designs for the breathtaking florals. My stunning bouquet and flower crown, the bridesmaids bouquets, the best men boutonnieres, the wedding arch... Hot damn does this girl have talent!

JO of Greentree for making my bridesmaids their cute color-coordinated beaded friendship bracelets.

KIM of Ruby Rose for helping me thrift the vintage lace linens for all the tabletops and for offering wise logistical guidance on rentals and catering when throwing a love celebration for 180 people!

SARA for decorating the the Madonna Inn Caveman Room (ha!) on our wedding night and for always lending a helping hand with anything and everything these past months.

MELODY of Isobell Designs for gifting my bridesmaids their beautiful triple dot golden necklaces and for snapping heaps of polaroids the entire day and night! You are so great!

The band FIALTA (Sarah, David, Mike, Beth) who took my lyrics and performed the song perfectly during the ceremony. This non-singing tone-deaf gal couldn’t be more proud of the way you transformed the melodies and made the surprise song truly shine!

ALEXIS of Negranti Creamery for giving us a sweet deal (she was the first person I interviewed for my San Luis Obispo Farmers’ Market Cookbook!) and for collaborating with me on the delicious custom flavors: Horchata, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Cafe con Leche.

LEVI for making those mean margaritas during cocktail hour!

The fellas BENTYLER, & DREW at Cana Family shot our photos + video. Can you believe that screening they did at the end of the night? That was mindblowing!

Thank you to everyone who trekked far and wide to make it to our big day - we had friends and family travel from as far as Hawaii, Washington, Iowa, Montana, Texas, Louisiana, New York, and France! Shucks, that’s a lot of distance just for us! :)

Thank you to everyone who gave us a hug, gave us well wishes, prepared a tender, thoughtful, hilarious speech, sent a card, gave a unique gift, made a donation in our honor to Central Coast Grown, The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo, Transitions-Mental Health Association, and to Shea & Kendra’s Dream Fund. Your love and support is felt. We are so damn lucky to have such a great community.

We love you all dearly,

P.S. If you forgot your mix CD and/or jam, please let me know and I will send your a sweet little parcel in the post. :)

P.S.S. If you took any digital photos on your phone/camera I would love to have ‘em. Please send any/all photos to  kendra.aronson@gmail.com, thanks!

P.S.S.S. Check out our website again, I’ve uploaded some polaroids that Melody and Lauren took, as well as some 35mm Black & White shots my Dad took the day of. Viva analog!



RING: Baxter Moerman
DRESS DESIGNER: Marisa Bridals
SHOES: Anthropologie
HAIR: The Bladerunner
MAKE-UP: Bride Made Beautiful

NECKLACES: Isobell Designs
BRACELETS: Greentree

RING: Baxter Moerman
SUIT: Banana Republic


VENUE: Private ranch home in San Luis Obispo
FLOWERS: Jaclyn K. Nesbitt Designs 
PHOTO + VIDEO: Cana Family
RENTALS: Got You Cover'd
DJ: Manuel Barba
TOILETS: Harvey's Honey Huts
WATER: Crystal Springs
ICE: Glacier Ice

INVITATIONS: stencil-cut @ SLO Makerspace
SIGNAGE: designed by Kendra & CNC-routed @ SLO Makerspace by Rory Aronson
CERAMIC CENTERPIECES: handmade @ Cal Poly Craft Center
MIX CDs: mixed with love

TACOS: Chapala's Mexican Restauran
ICE CREAM: Negranti Creamery
WEDDING CAKE: Tartine Bakery 
CUPCAKES: Bello Mundo
COOKIES: homemade by Mama Gloria

CACTI: H & G Boutique
ILLUSTRATION: Michelephant