We are so happy that you are coming to the wedding. Your attendance on our big day is a gift in itself! We are extremely lucky to have a home stocked with all the necessities, so in lieu of a gift registry, we hope you will choose to give in one of the following four ways: 

Central Coast Grown

Central Coast Grown works to build local, sustainable, and fair food systems by connecting the members of our community to the abundance of local food and farming in the County, bridging the gap between what people eat and where it comes from and in doing so strengthening the food culture and the relationship people have with their food. As you know, I (Kendra) am working on a SLO Farmers’ Market Cookbook, so this non-profit organization is close to my heart...and stomach, which are one and the same in my opinion.

Give to Central Coast Grown by clicking here.

The Land Conservancy
of San Luis Obispo

The Land Conservancy of SLO is currently working to turn a 900 acre private ranch in the hills above Pismo and Shell beach into a nature preserve; forever preventing development in this rare coastal open space.  Areas like this are part of what makes SLO so special and it’s imperative that these areas are protected now before the inevitable creep of progress makes its way to our pristine shores.

Give to the Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo by clicking here

Health Association

I (Shea) have been lucky enough to have volunteered (through a course I took while attending Cal Poly) with Transitions’ Growing Grounds program, which is a nursery that trains and employs those with mental disabilities. I have seen firsthand the invaluable service that is rendered here, enabling and empowering an underserved population and affecting real positive change in their lives, while also contributing to and participating in the local agricultural economy. 

Give to Transitions-Mental Health Association by clicking here.

Shea and Kendra's Dream Fund

We have tons of exciting plans for future adventures as well as our new life together. If you'd like to support us in this way we would be incredibly grateful. Anything you can contribute to help kickstart our dreams, travels, and career paths would be greatly appreciated! You can give to us through PayPal, with an old fashioned check, or with cash. 

Give to Shea and Kendra's Dream Fund by clicking the donate button below: