"Telenovelas" illustration by Michelle Morrison of Michelephant.

Here is our incredible line up of dear friends and family that will be in our wedding party:


Kendra: Audria is an incredible conversationalist, extremely entertaining, and a talented advice-giver.  She is a passionate soul with a heart brimming over with love and playful curiosity. She is the perfect person to marry us and we feel so honored to call her our dear friend.  Shea: I knew instantly when I met Audi she would be a lifelong friend.  She lives with her heart on her sleeve and no filter on her mouth and if you are lucky enough to be her friend, you are treated, always, like Familia! 



SADIE SOMMA "Sadie girl"

Oh sweet Sadie, you are the best daughter we could ask for. You are so good at cuddling in bed and lounging on the couch. We love that you are always over the moon when we get home and cannot contain your excitement when we take you on walks. You are the best pup in the whole universe! You go, girl!




Lans has been my best friend since the 3rd grade. During a class activity, I asked her to be my "parkner", since I thought that was how the word was pronounced, and it's been history ever since!  Lana is a quirky, klutzy, hilarious character that I admire wholeheartedly. She is a superb travel buddy, extremely dependable, and a tremendous story teller (but beware, take all her 'facts' with a grain-of-salt, ha!). She lived with me for several summers, went on countless camping trips, and is my unofficial sister - even the YMCA sends letters addressed to Lana Aronson to my home! :)


Best Man

If you’ve met Arlo even once, you know you’ve encountered an original. With him, you know you are getting absolutely unfiltered exactly what he is thinking or feeling at any moment. Luckily, he is one of the most caring and sincere people I’ve ever met. He is also one of the most talented. From playing a mean jazz guitar to welding nearly any structure imaginable, to replacing the brakes in my old Subaru, Arlo can do it all!  Arlo is also a great adventurer and we've had some incredible trips together through the years. I am absolutely honored and lucky to have Arlo as a friend. 



Jessie Joy is the life of the party because she is a bundle of absolute joy exploding with excitement, at all times. We both studied Spanish & French together. She was the world’s best study buddy, pranking partner-in-crime, and one of the Upham House girls.  Jessie can always make me giggle and is sweeter than pie. Everyone needs a Jessie in their life!


Best Man

You would be hard pressed to find a more loyal friend than Nick Nesbitt. He is extremely passionate, focused, and driven, and yet has a huge appreciation for the little things life has to offer. I have countless treasured memories with Nick; we've spent time everywhere from San Luis Obispo to Baja to San Francisco.  Up for an adventure or simply enjoying a meal together, I’ve been so blessed to have Nick as a friend through the most memorable times of my life.  If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Nick’s “inner circle” you’ll have a friend for life.  



She is a dream chaser, fellow schemer, and lover of literature. I serendipitously met her the first week of college and she has been a huge influence on me ever since. She is a wonderful wanderluster that is always looking around the bend for life’s next adventure. She truly made Upham House a home. Cookie inspires confidence, determination, and humbleness within me.


Best Man

Sean and I have been friends since High School, and we’ve seen each other through many seasons of life. While I was cautious, he was adventurous, and since that time I’ve found myself in some of the most interesting moments of my life with Sean Eckard by my side. A man who truly loves life, Sean is exactly the kind of friend you want when traveling.  Beyond his sense of adventure however, he has an absolute heart of gold, and any friend of his can attest to his generosity and kindness of spirit.



Alison is a hoot and a half. Constantly surprising me with her words and her ways, she is especially skilled at making me laugh; I’m talking about side-splitting-tears-rolling-down-my-cheek laughter! After sharing a room at the Upham House and staying with me for a month abroad in Paris, she took me under her wing showing me the ins-and-out of San Francisco. She supports and encourages my shenanigans which means the world to me!


Best Man

If you’ve lived in SLO for any length of time in the last few years, chances are you’ve seen Kyle. Who can mistake that lanky frame riding some goofy bike with an endlessly changing array of facial hair?  He truly is a man of many unmistakable looks. He is also one of the most original, funny, kind hearted, genuine humans I know and I feel truly honored and humbled to call him my friend.  



Laetitia is a total gem and I’m so thankful that I have a Frenchie friend that is always there for me, even though there is a 9-hour time difference between us! We met my last year of college when she was studying abroad and instantly became superb friends. Coincidentally, I lived 1 metro station away from her when I took my au pair (nannying) position in Paris after graduating college. She is a witty, loyal, creative badass that I quite appreciate and aspire to be like.


Best Man

I’ve only been friends with August for a few years but it has felt like a life-long friendship from the beginning. He is honest, ambitious, and passionate and will make you laugh at the most unexpected times. I am so thankful for our countless conversations on everything from surfing, to relationships, to future pie-in-the-sky business ideas and everything else in between.  I am constantly challenged and made better by our friendship and for that I am truly thankful. 



Another beloved Frenchie - Julie is an absolute firecracker! We also met my last year of college while she was studying abroad in San Luis Obispo. Oozing with energy, beauty, great puns, sarcasm - she is truly unique and magnifique. [Sidenote: she is missing her other friends’ wedding and flying across the globe for my special day > talk about friendship commitment - yowza!] Julie is just downright fun; she is always game for an adventure or spontaneous dance party!


Best Man

Chris is a man of great sincerity and deep feeling.  Unafraid to experiment, he’s been: a painter, a construction manager, an engineer, a techie, a carpenter, but always, above all, a great man. He is unafraid of making big moves in life, yet always does so with great thought and consideration. Conversation with Chris is never predictable but always productive, and usually veers towards the philosophical, and for this I am thankful.  A true friend from the start, I am so grateful to have Chris in my life.



Betsi is my ideas (wo)man and professional collaborator. She can do nearly anything because she is a jane of all trades but beyond this she is kindhearted, crafty, easygoing, thoughtful, loveable, and just down right amazing! I know I am a gal of hyperbole but I truly believe her laugh is the most contagious laugh of all time, and if you've been lucky enough to witness a Bets-laughing-fit, you'll have to agree!


RORY ARONSON "Aldo"/"Brudder"
Best Man

Rory is Kendra’s younger brother, and while we’ve only recently become friends, I already feel so lucky to call him a friend (and soon family!) Possibly one of the smartest, most talented people I’ve ever met, Rory is a true original.  An inventor, gardener, engineer and creative-landlord-extraordinaire, he is the rare jack of all trades that seems also to be master of many.  I look forward to years of friendship and bearing witness firsthand to all that he’ll come up with in the years to come!


Flower Girl

Sagie is the sharpest little 11 year-old on the planet. She is a mastermind that can achieve anything she puts her mind to. She is such a little darling with a knack for delegating tasks and getting things done, which I completely jive with. She is an animal whisperer, crafty gal, and mischievous lil rascal. I’m so lucky to get such a sweetheart for a sister!


Ring Bearer

Shea's little brother is a man of simple pleasures. This handsome little dude is gentle-hearted, sweet, and super goofy. He loves animals, is easygoing, thoughtful, soft spoken, and kind-hearted. We are so lucky to have him in our lives, and can't wait to see what he will accomplish and what path his life will take!